Tuesday, October 18

List 5/52 On Not Being Very Happy

I don't do well in colder weather, no matter how many hats with ears, gingerbread lattes and furry coats you throw at me. If I didn't love Wales and my family and friends so much, I'd have hot footed it to sunnier climes aeons ago. And so, a list of why I'm down in the dumps.
  • Getting up in the pitch black. So not natural.
  • I have totally lost my photo mojo.
  • Finding the new rhythm that school brings to our days quite difficult to get used to - how to fit in reading practice, making nutritious and varied packed lunches, remembering PE kits and books and tins of beans for the harvest festival, and dealing with a very exhausted little girl at the end of the day. Roll on Friday when half term begins!
  • I feel flabby and wobbly and generally bleurgh.
  • I'm also looking quite wrinkly around the eyes. Not helped by Gwen looking at me adoringly the other day, then saying "Lovely Mammy, lovely wrinkly eyes."
  • Our house is damp and cold and needs a lot of money and time to de-damp it, neither of which I have.
  •  Terrified of teaching antenatal classes - having daily wobbles and considering jacking it in (although I know this will be better when I reconnect with my lovely sistas in my tutorial group on Saturday, making birth art with pastels and talking about placentas and stuff).
  • The annual consumerfest of Christmas is already stressing me out. Can we spend the whole of December on a remote Scottish island, holed up with books and warming soups and a wood burning stove instead?
On the plus side, I spotted this rainbow from our garden last week, so it can't be all bad. Next up, a list of things to be happy about. Because there's way more good stuff than bad stuff.

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