Monday, October 31

List 7/52 All the Things We Squeezed Into Date Day

Dave and I (and Blod) had a rare date day and night last week - just over 24 hours to do whatever we bloomin' well pleased. No demands for snacks/felt pens/scissors/bottom wiping/Octonauts/tissues/Annie songs on the iPod/fairy dresses for a whole day and a night and a little bit longer.

A cuppa and some Hobnobs and The Guardian crossword (OK, not the most glam of starts)
A long walk through the fields with Blod
Leisurely lunch
Into town for a cuppa at Barkers, my new fav Cardiff coffee shop
Cinema trip
Meal at Jamie's Italian
A lie in
Breakfast in bed with newspapers (saved from the weekend especially)
A long soak in the bath - in the middle of the day (oh, the decadence)
Lunch at The Otley
Another walk with Blod

Then I started to really miss that crazy-haired pair of fraggles and kind of wandered about the house aimlessly for the last 20 minutes waiting for them to come home. And so the lovely, messy, chaos began once again

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  1. A lie-in is still a far-off dream for us! I'm glad you had a lovely time.