Thursday, December 8

List 8/52 Naughty Things

This is the face of naughty.

Here are the naughty, naughty things she has been up to. 
  • Smearing yoghurt all over the table.
  • Running away. Approx 1,356 times this week alone.
  • Opening the suncream and smearing it in her hair.
  • Feeding her breakfast to Blod.
  • Unravelling the toilet roll.
  • Posting pieces of jigsaw between the floorboards.
  • Hiding under the table and trying to draw on the floor.
  • Jumping in a puddle that smelt of compost bins.
  • Trying to swig the dregs out of a bottle of Leffe.
  • Destroying a Lush shampoo bar by squishing it in her fingers.
  • Breaking the bathroom blind.
She's also quite fond of listing all the naughty things she has done that day. There are usually many.

What a naughty sausage.

1 comment:

  1. Surely nobody with a face that cute could ever be naughty!