Tuesday, January 3

Back to School

The Snail went back to school today (well, she went back for half an hour, threw up and then got sent home - but that's another story). It's been lovely having her home for two weeks, just pottering about the house dressed in a variety of tutus and princess dresses, demanding Christmas albums on the iPod and making up songs (her current fave is called "I don't wanna make you serious", closely followed by my favourite Gwen classic "You gotta have a baby before you get annoyed").

She's settled in really well at school, has lots of friends and is especially fond of her teaching assistant, Mrs Stockton, who gives her an enormocuddle every morning. I still have no idea what she gets up to for most of the day, but she seems to enjoy it - especially the bit when they sing really evangelical-sounding God songs in assembly.

Some observations and achievements from the first term...

She's picked up a really bizarre, over-exaggerated Valleys accent
She can read lots of letters and words, and has her first reading book - The Red Pig
She's learnt lots of Welsh words and lots of playground games (both of which she tells me off for getting a bit wrong)
She's discovered (from eating her friend's packed lunches) that "You can get this bread, Mam, and it's all soft and white - and even the crusts are soft!"
She played a blinder of a snowflake in the Christmas play
She has been to Lucy Williams' house for tea all on her own
She asks me permission to go the toilet all the time
She must do an awful lot of running about at play time, because she has worn holes in the soles of her shoes

I miss my snail so much, but I'm so proud that she's a confident, happy little girl with lots of friends. Go Gwenster!


  1. Oh she is adorable! I'm loving how she rocks the whole tutu look. Big Pixie went back today, which was lovely - she was so excited, the weirdo. Glad all is going well for Gwen xxx

  2. Oh love her! She's getting so grown up isn't she? I LOVE that tutu. It's very sticky outty.
    And thank you for your lovely comment.