Tuesday, January 17

Mondays With Moll

With Gwen in school, Miss Molly and I have Mondays and Fridays to ourselves. We don't do much - just potter about the house, read lots of stories, walk Blod, go to the park and I squeeze her quite a lot.

Recently, despite the rain and the cold, we've got into a lovely Monday morning routine. We get our wellies, woollies and/or waterproofs on, grab Blod and head out for a long walk. First stop is to feed these friendly horses. They like apples and carrots and come galloping across the field when they see us arrive.

After more walking, the next stop is this log, where we do some ball throwing for Blod and Moll picks the mushrooms growing on it -  "for my collection, Mummy".

More walking, then a final stop for Moll to go freewheeling down this hill on her little trike (too small now, but she loves it) over and over again.

And then we go home and make super sandwiches with as many ingredients as we can find - houmous and cheese and avocado and tomato and cucumber and olives and pepper.

It's how every week should start.


  1. She looks so happy! X

  2. Inspirational as ever. Thank you for another dose of sunshine. x

  3. Loving those striped tights! Eoin has a few striped jumpers, which are pretty cute, but the tights are just fabulous...