Sunday, January 8

Weekend Therapy

All it took to blow away those January blues was a trip to the beach.

We clambered over the rocks. We paddled in the waves with our wellies on. We did roly polys down a dune. We jumped off high walls onto the soft sand (Gwen jumped from a wall about 1.5 times her height - eek!). We saw a teeny tiny sausage dog puppy.

And we did number 30 from The List by taking a big flask of hot chocolate (we even remembered marshmallows).

Maybe January isn't so bad after all.


  1. I think being outside is the secret. Even when it's raining we're outside, the boys digging or bashing stuff with hammers, and although it's not much fun getting wet and cold we still feel better for having got outside. So outside and on the beach is doubly good for you!

  2. I think you're right. Thank goodness for waterproofs!

  3. Can't beat a flask of something hot at the beach when it's chilly. I love the beach in winter the best. Excellent for blowing the cobwebs away.