Monday, May 28

Gwen is Five

Dear Gwen,
Your are five years old. Here are some facts about your five-year-old self.

1. School
This year was a biggie, because you started school. You've learnt to read and write and you're constantly trying to spell words aloud. You write everything phonetically, and even write little stories with pictures, which are just delightful. Your best friend is Lucy, and you love your teaching assistant Mrs Stockten, who gives you big cwtches every morning. You've developed a very strong, over-exaggerated Valleys accent and you never, ever eat your packed lunch.

2. Songs
You are really into bad pop music and you love Radio One. Your current favourite songs are Dynamite by Taio Cruz, Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs and Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (blimey - it's like 90s indie never happened). You have got some amazing dance moves and a rather lovely singing voice.

3. Sleeping
Every night before you go to sleep, you come out of your bedroom because you've "had a bad thought" about vampires biting you or cows trampling you or monsters chasing you or crocodiles eating you. Sometimes, I begin to lose patience with this - sorry.

4. Stuff
You love dressing up, playing paper-rock-scissors in bed in the mornings, eggy bread, Disney Princess everything, drawing (amazing things like people throwing spaghetti out of space rockets and vampire princesses and grandmas with chicken pox), made up stories about Fireman Sam marrying a mermaid called Shelley, playing with the girls in Class 7, having a sleepover at Nanna's house, Friday Treats after school, sneaky jelly beans from Bampa, going to the cinema, jumping off really high walls, jumping over waves in the sea, Saturday croissants, getting me to draw things on your back with my finger and you guessing what they are, wearing socks and sandals (or Crocs and socks), making beds all over the house with duvets and pillows and blankets, paddling in streams with your wellies on, playing 'Rapunzel' using an incredibly long old scarf of mine as hair, playing 'Mums and Babies' and watching Beebies.

You are chatty, articulate, excitable, a realist ("But mermaids aren't actually real Mammy"), sensitive, highly emotional, very affectionate and an all-round amazing snail.

Love you loads and more and the most,



  1. Lovely :-)
    But FIVE!? Already!?

  2. I know - as I read somewhere recently, the days can seem long, but the years just whizz past. Sob!