Sunday, May 20

List 11/52 Things to do This Summer

Has it really been two months since I posted here? Wowsers. Been in a bit of a fog, but the haze is clearing now. And the sun came out today - hurrah! So what better time to plan a summer of loveliness. Some we did last year. Some are on The List. Some are new things to try out. We never do everything on the list, but we'll enjoy trying. Bring on the sunshine.

Grow sunflowers - really big ones
Go on an impromptu camping trip on a sunny weekend
Make ice lollies
Go to a festival
Go on lots of bike rides...
... and buy myself a new (to me) bike
Visit Bristol Zoo
Have a beach barbecue with friends
Swim in the sea
Throw a summer party for friends and neighbours
Go to a park with a big paddling pool
Make our garden beautiful
Make home-made lemonade
Spend a day in Mumbles
Grow peas
Have a lovely holiday in West Wales
And another lovely holiday at the in-laws magical cottage in the Dales
Grow pumpkins to use for Halloween
Have a picnic in a castle
Go away overnight with the mister
Go on a boat in Roath Park
Phone in sick from school on a sunny Friday
Camp in the garden
Paint our toenails with a different colour on each toe
Have a water fight
Go strawberry picking
Celebrate all of our birthdays - Gwen, then Moll, then Dave, then Blod, then me!


  1. Can we join in with some of them, please?!
    And Caroline (who's lovely) is setting up an online book group at if you fancy it. X

  2. Yes, of course you can join us - they would be more enjoyable with you lot. Will check out the book group - could do with some reading inspiration.