Wednesday, June 27

Molly is 3

Dear Molly,
Some facts about you at three years old.
  • You are obsessed with wearing pink but, much to my delight, have recently added yellow to your repertoire
  • You have an imaginary friend called Bumbler (but he's gone a bit quiet of late)
  • You've started to do some really cool drawings - most of them are monsters and spiders at the moment
  • You always like a mini vegetable samosa or five to eat while we're doing the supermarket shopping
  • You are so full of energy that if you haven't been outside for a least a few hours each day, you start running lengths of the kitchen and dining room
  • You say very funny things, like "I can't finish my dinner because my fork's run out of petrol", "What are these pants doing in my bed? I thought it was a pine cone", "My poo doesn't want to come out yet, it's having its breakfast"
  • You like sucking ice cubes (but you call them icebergs)
  • You absolutely love books, and sometimes I sneak a look at you while I'm reading to see the delight on your face
  • You've suddenly become really sociable, bending strangers' ears about all sorts of things and stalking older children in the park
  • You tell amazing made-up jokes, involving elephants, made-up words and poo (Sample: Why did the elephant go to the dubon? Cos he wanted a poo!)
  • You are fearless and physical, and like throwing yourself off things quite a lot
  • You absolutely love the beach, and ask to go whenever the sun comes out
  • You refuse to wear trousers
  • You love dressing up - your favourite costumes are a blue princess number and a Rapunzel dress
  • You have the most beautiful hair that I have ever seen
  • You like babies, Cloudbabies, watercolour paints, cheap character nighties, tickles, making mud pies and eating filled pasta
  • You don't like having your hair tied back, wearing shoes and socks, sleeping and going out in the rain
  • Your third birthday party ended with you running naked around the garden, sticking sprigs of rosemary in your bits and shouting "I've got a willy!"
  • You are so happy and sunshiny, funny and full of beans, and I love our days hanging about together. Can you stay three forever please?


  1. Wonderful!
    I have a theory, which might just apply to my children but does seem to apply to yours too, that second children are a bit more 'eccentic' than the first ones.
    Molly sounds totally ace :-)

  2. She's such a clever, funny little girl. The workings of her mind are a mystery to us adults. Who knows what she's gonna up with next? Hooray for Molly! Long may she be a pink loving, rosemary-willy-making crazy chick. X

  3. Oh my goodness you daughter sounds exactly like my almost 3 year old, the pink, dressing up, Character nighties, Rapunzel, no shoes or socks, the un-funny jokes. Maybe at three she will consent to some yellow clothes as well...I can hope!!