Friday, June 1

My Nan

One of the things on The List was to photograph my nan. I had a bash at it today. Quite pleased with the results as a) I have lost my photo mojo lately and b) I had the children with me so concentrating was a tad difficult. My nan's house is quite still and quiet, so I adjusted the colour and saturation a bit to try and make them look a bit subdued.

A bit about my nan:
She makes the best ever home-made crinkle cut chips (we had some today). She is incredibly blunt (sample from today "Did you like the piece of Gwen's birthday cake I sent up for you Nan?" "A bit dry. And I had a funny tummy after it."). She has the cleanest house in the world. She's from an era and a world where men went out to work and women stayed home, looking after children and keeping everything immaculate.

She's all about the thrifty. She is 88 (soon to be 89) and still puts full make-up on every day. She is Polish and met my grandad in a prisoner of war camp in Germany, married him after the war and moved to Wales. She still dreams in Polish. She was one of 13 children. Until about a month ago, she had never eaten a jacket potato. She has incredibly green fingers and can make absolutely anything grow. She has always fancied going to Spain (I wish I had taken her). When I was a kid, she used to make me sugar sandwiches. She would be appalled if she knew I was putting photographs of her in her apron and slippers on a public space.

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  1. It looks as if the mojo is still very much there!