Monday, June 25

Photomarathon 2012: The Disaster

After last year's fluke win, I had a reputation to uphold - and I most definitely didn't. This was for two reasons.
1. It absolutely poured down for at least 10 of the 12 hours.
2. Dave and I had the whole day to ourselves sans sproglets, so we spent quite a lot of time in coffee shops eating, drinking and discussing ideas - in fact, when we picked up the second lot of topics at 2pm, we hadn't actually taken any photos.

So it's not surprising that these images are not quite up to the mark. I'm fairly happy with the first half, but the rest are shocking. Probably because I did them in an hour, as I'd run out of time. Oh dear.

The topics were 1. Your Entry Number and Celebration 2. Press 3. Friendship 4. City Life 5. My Favourite Thing 6. The State We're In 7. Handmade 8. Truth 9. Out of Place 10. Silence 11. Established 12. Smile

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