Wednesday, August 1

Happy Yorkshire Day

Takeaway Betty's at Harlow Carr
I just found out that today is not only the beginning of my birthday month (yay!), but it is also Yorkshire Day. Being married to a Yorkshireman (albeit a very posh one from Harrogate), I consider myself approximately 1/117th Yorkshirewoman. And if I my heart wasn't in Wales, I would be heading North as a very lovely alternative.

And so, a list of my favourite Yorkshire things to do and places to see:
  • The RHS Harlow Carr Gardens (it even has an outdoor Betty's kiosk for the obligatory Earl Grey and carrot cake)
  • York - love, love, love York, its abundance of cosy pubs, cobbly streets, higgledy piggledy buildings and Raffi's Spice Box
Cosy pubs in York

  • Harrogate - The Valley Gardens, the amazing Victorian Baths that are council-run and therefore quite cheap,  lots of charity shops for mooching
  • Brimham Rocks - bonkers rock formation (slightly hair-raising experience with small children who run off, then shout 'Look at me, mam!' from the top of a 20 foot rock)
  • Hebden Bridge - quirky, hippy, lovely town
  • Skipton, with its market-town vibe and lovely canal
Skipton canal boats

We're heading there in a couple of weeks to stay at the inlaws lovely cottage in the Dales for a week (a holiday home whenever we want it - how lucky are we?), and I'm hoping to add these to my list too:
  • The National Media Museum in Bradford
  • The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Robin Hood's Bay (or the coast in general)


  1. Happy Yorkshire Day for yesterday! Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog. Can I recommend the Hepworth Gallery as an extra place to visit. Totally astonishing place and the Sculpture Park is only a few miles further down the road. Worth doing the two together! x

    1. Hepworth Gallery looks great - thanks for the tip!

  2. Stop it; you're almost making me fancy coming back!

    1. Come back! We can have chips and pints in the Black Swan while the children play in the garden. We are planning to allez en France next summer so don't come back before then!