Friday, August 24

List 12/52 The Simple Things

I generally loathe magazines, especially ones aimed at women (and this is from someone who almost worked on one of them - phew, VERY lucky escape).

Anyway, delighted to find this new one - seems it was written just for me. All about baking and foraging and thriftiness and nature and generally appreciating the small stuff. Can't wait until the first issue arrives through my door (delivered by officially the friendliest postman in the world).

And so, in honour of this beautiful thing - a list of my favourite simple pleasures.

  • Lying in bed and listening to the birds tweeting (which I am actually doing right now as the little croutons are at granny's house)
  • Freshly brewed coffee and an almond croissant (also about to have this too)
  • A stolen quiet moment with a book and a cuppa
  • Listening to my children's chatter
  • Blackberry picking - hurrah, it's almost crumble season!
  • Browsing in book shops
  • Swimming
  • Digging the earth and crumbling it between my fingers
  • Real ale in front of a real fire
  • Cutting the first slice of a home-made cake
  • Sofa. Children. Husband. Dog. Popcorn. Film
  • Sitting in the dark of the cinema waiting for a film to start
  • Playing my yellow ukulele (badly)
  • The snuggly, fuzzy, sweet milkiness of a newborn baby
  • Watching my dog bound through long grass
  • Reading inspiring blogs and poems and books
  • The 'aaaaah' factor of getting into clean bed sheets
  • The beach. Always the beach


  1. I'm looking forward to reading this too. It looks great. And I love your list. x

  2. Ohhh, will have to keep my eyes open for that, it looks lovely. Was it a good read?