Monday, September 17

The Summer

A bit late, but we had a delightful and delovely summer. Getting back into the swing of school and work and September is proving to be a big struggle. The words homeschooling have been mentioned quite a lot - everyone is so much happier when we are just doing our own thing. Ho hum.

So, some highlights from the summer 2012. 

We went to the Dinefwr Literature Festival. We did some wild camping. It rained a lot, then the sun came out. I liked Gruff Rhys. Dave liked Josie Long. Gwen liked Emmy the Great. Molly did a poo in the gardens of the manor house and I had to carry it around in my bag.

Gwen eating her own-made pizza at Dinefwr
 We spent every possible sunny day at the beach. Best beach moment was taking an afternoon off work and heading to Ogmore for a BBQ and a paddle, staying on the beach until the sun went down.

Moll in the rock pools at Ogmore

We ate way too many ice creams. Gwen towards the end of the school hols: "Some people just have ice cream as a treat, but we have it every single day!". (Oh dear, back on track with impeccable child nutrition now, obvs.)

Chilling out by the river in York

We had a week in Yorkshire visiting the cousins.

And a week in Tenby, including some crazy hay fights and lots of splashing in the sea. Gwen learnt to boogie board!

Here hoping for one of those Indian summers, and lots more outdoor adventures before cosying up season begins.


  1. Oh you have had a great summer. I love that picture with the hay throwing - a lovely moment captured! x

  2. Home schooling gets mentioned a lot here too *sigh*
    Looks like a fun summer :)