Sunday, September 9


I keep avoiding posting here because I think I have nothing interesting to say and no nice photographs to post. But then I remember how much I enjoy this blog as a record of our family life, so I'm just going to blog about what we've been up to, because it's so easy to forget the small stuff.

This weekend, we have decluttered like mad. The girls have moved in to one bedroom together to make room for their baby brother, and I have been sorting out the piles and piles of children's' clothes that lurk around our house. I had a little cry when I bagged a load up to give to a neighbour, knowing that we probably won't be having any more baby girls in the future.

Saturday was our village fete, which was sociable and lots of fun. We got busy in the morning making a big batch of Malted Chocolate Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book.

The sun shone all afternoon and there were pony rides, face painting, fancy dress, lots of cakes (mine were a sell out!), a coconut shy, tug of war, races, happy children, lovely neighbours and friends - we are lucky to live here.

Sunday, more decluttering and a lovely trip with the family Goldlion to the St Fagan's Food Festival, which was bonkersly busy, although you wouldn't guess it from this photo of our girls hanging out on the gate (DISCLAIMER: My children insisted on choosing their own outfits, hence the summer dress/winter boots combo on Moll and the lovely but way too big hand-me-downs on Gwen - they also left the house with about 20 hair bobbles each going up their arms).


  1. Well worth posting - sounds lovely and your girls look so cool!

  2. Please don't stop posting: what you write is so cheerful, it always makes my day!