Sunday, October 7

37 Things

37 - yikes!

I do love a nice birthday list. Of course, I never do all all the things on it, but it's good to have a plan, even if it is a little ambitious.

OK, so here goes - a bit late as my birthday was in August (I woke up in Tenby to a rainbow outside the bedroom window, and we had a beach barbeque and cake on my favourite beach).

1. Have a baby! DONE!
2. Get a bike - preferably a bubble gum pink one. DONE - BUT IT'S A SUNSHINY YELLOW ONE.
3. Make Gwen a tooth fairy bag. DONE!
4. Take beautiful newborn pictures of Baby 3.
5. Make a photobook of Gwen's first five years. DONE!
6. Climb Pen-y-Fan (this has been on my list for years and years).
7. Make our lounge cosy, cosy, cosy. DONE!
8. Write a monthly blog for Baby 3's first year. DONE!
9. Try 10 new cake recipes. DONE!
10. Take a print making class.
11. Do Race for Life with Gwen.
12. Revamp and de-damp the bathroom. DONE!
13. Applique t-shirts for the children.
14. Learn five more ukulele songs.
15. Get fit!
16. Take Mam to Pettigrew Tea Rooms. DONE!
17. Go camping with friends.
18. Complete a photo-a-day project for a whole month. DONE - FOR ALMOST A YEAR!
19. Continue with 52 lists.
20. Buy some art on Etsy.
21. Make some postcards of my photographs.
22. Draw something (maybe go to a life-drawing class?).
23. Take a creative writing class.
24. Buy some waterproof trousers (seven years of dog walking and I don't own a pair - madness) DONE!
25. Go to The Pot cafe. DONE!
26. Go to an Ethical Chef Supper Club.
27. Fill a jar with 'Magical Thinking'.
28. Do something fab for Dave's 40th (eek!). DONE!
29. Try sea kayaking.
30. Own an iPhone (and start Instagram-ing). DONE!
31. Start a veggie kids food blog.
32. Buy a yellow wool winter coat. DONE!
33. Have a party for my neighbours. DONE!
34. Go to the Harrogate baths. DONE!
35. Save up for a Kitchen Aid.
36. Grow things to eat (this year was a disaster).
37. Buy nice underwear.

And here are 36 Things, 35 Things and lots of other birthday lists.


  1. Hi Emma. I'm so glad you found my blog as it's led me to yours in turn. It seems we have a fair bit in common. I'm about to turn 37 at the end of the month and recently had my third child.

    I love your birthday list - so many things I'm nodding my head at. Hope you get to the Harrogate Baths soon for a birthday treat.

    Kathryn x

    1. Spooky - looks like we are in the same line of work too! Yes, can't wait to get in the baths again. Missed out in the summer because of the bump.

  2. I just had a guilty stomach lurch as I still haven't given you your pressie.
    But I would like to help you achieve some of those goals... Not the camping though. Maybe we could go to a life drawing class together? There's one in Garth Olwg isn't there? X

    1. Yes, that would be great. I wouldn't mind trying one of the printmaking classes that Advent Calendar lady runs too? There is one next week but it is - gasp - £85!