Tuesday, November 6

38 Weeks

Tool box? Check. Painting clothes? Check. 38-week bump? Check.
Am I really having a baby in two weeks? There is not a baby grow or a nappy or a sling in sight yet. And I'd forgotten all about breast pads and enormous sanitary towels and all those sorts of delights. Some serious list writing (and shopping) is in order.

Meanwhile, I have taken nesting to the extreme by completely revamping the lounge and dining room, and spent the entire weekend up a ladder with a paint roller in my hand (Dave did all the crouchy, crevicey bits, as SPD and painting skirtings is not a good combo).

And after a hard day's DIY, we went out on a last-time-for-a-while date night.
My midwife came yesterday, and has given us instructions on what to do if she doesn't get here on time (cwtch the baby in a towel until help arrives), and says that she is looking forward to a nice slice of my home-made carrot cake afterwards (we all had home-made cake at 3am after Moll's birth - midwife number 2 arrived after the birth, had tea and cake, then went back home to bed).

I've been doing a lot of watching of home birth diaries, reading Ina May Gaskin and listening to Natal Hypnotherapy on the iPod. So my mind is ready, even if everything else is slightly chaotic. Just stay in there a tiny bit longer please, baby boy child.


  1. Ooh, exciting!

  2. You will be posting a picture of him as soon as he arrives, won't you? I'm checking your blog all the time now but realised he might arrive and you might not update your blog for ages!

  3. Ha, yes of course! Thanks for thinking of us. Not due until the 20th and the others were on time so hopefully he'll stay in there for another week or so...