Tuesday, November 13

Catching up: Half Term

Woah, what a way to start maternity leave! Straight into half term with an inset day on the Friday and then a week of fun and frolics with the little croutons.

The village's best-dressed witchlets
We won 'Best Dressed Family' at the village hall Halloween party, and were presented with this enormous stand of Halloween cupcakes.

We did spooky crafts at St Fagan's art cart (and, of course, ate hot fresh cheesy buns from the bakery), went to Techniquest for the first time, met the Goldlions in the park, had a Halloween and sparklers party with the neighbours, went to the beach (of course), had lunch with great grandma (89 years old and still makes the best crinkle-cut chips in Wales).

The serious business of St Fagan's cheesy buns
 It was so nice to have Gwen home from school for a week. Bring on Christmas! 
Halloween part 2

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