Wednesday, December 19

One Month of Wilf

Dear Wilf,
You have been with us for a month already. Apart from about three nights of screaming and burping and farting a lot, you are incredibly easy going - this is probably because you're either attached to a boob or being held or carried for most of the day.

You've uncurled from your froggy newborn scrunchiness, have put on two whole pounds already and I can see some lush squidgy podginess developing on your thighs. You have developed a rather unattractive case of baby acne and have lost most of your hair, so you just have a bit at the back and sides. This, combined with your unruly eyebrows, make you look a bit like my dad.

When you open your eyes they are big and the darkest navy blue. You've just started to make some cute coo-ing noises and I think I can see the start of some lovely baby smiles. You have enormous feet and you smell milky and sweet.

You've been on quite a lot of outings so far - to the beach, two parties, St Fagan's, out for coffee, softplay, the cinema, a reindeer parade, bouncy castles, Gwen's christmas concert, Santa's Toy Mine - and you have slept though the lot. But as you're a winter baby, you've also spent quite a lot of time snuggled up indoors while we eat stollen and watch Muppet Christmas Carol. 

It's hard to be the mama and the photographer in the house, so I've hardly taken any pictures of you yet. So promise to stay squidgy for a few more weeks please and I'll be on the case.

Love, Mama


  1. That's lovely! He seems so happy and chilled out. See you soon, I'm finally getting better although D has tonsillitis now...X

  2. Definitely need more pics!