Friday, January 11

1/52 Weekly Portraits

Joining in with a squillion other bloggers who are taking part in the portrait project on the lovely Che and Fidel. After eight weeks of newborn-ness, lovely and amazing though it is, I am beginning to feel like I am just a giant pair of boobs with no ideas, interests, opinions, friends or anything else outside of baby land. So the camera is charged up and I'm ready to go (even if it is to take pictures of my babies!). Here's my first attempt.

Wilf grinning during his evening wide-awakey time.

Moll - always, always dressed as a ladybird - playing Peppa Pig Sports Day on my iPhone.

Gwen - because I'm so in love with her messy curls.


  1. My gosh, he's changing so much already! Can I come down and see you next week, please? I'm better but now David has it and is on antibiotics so that's a bugger. X

  2. Beautiful pics! Such a great idea! Cheers, Mez

  3. Very cute. And really, so much like my kiddos! - My eldest has the curls, my youngest daughter is always on my phone or ipda playing Peppa Pig & my baby boy perched on a shoulder! xx ps Your About Me could seriously be my 'About Me'! :)

  4. Hello there - thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. :-)

    Your children are beautiful! That first photo of your smiley son is gorgeous.

    Gillian x