Wednesday, January 16

Avoiding the January Blues

Embracing the cosy with fairy lights and early nights
Every year without fail I have a January Crisis. Every time I've had a baby, I've had an identity crisis. This year, both seem to have passed me by.

I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that January is always going to be rubbish (and February even worse). And three babies on, I know that 24-7 newborn craziness and the 'argh, I don't know who I am anymore' thing is so, so fleeting.

So this time, I'm embracing it all. I have stubbly legs and straggly eyebrows, the house is messy, I'm eating a lot of Covent Garden soups, I always have a little bit of baby sick on my shoulder. My expectations are low - if I end the day with five people (and a dog) asleep and with full tummies, I am a happy lady. The other stuff can wait.

Winter dog walks rock!
And as for January, who can be sad when there's a new series of One Born Every Minute on 4OD, a lovely log burner in the lounge, oodles of books to read for children and grown ups, Baileys to finish off (with star-shaped ice cubes, of course), winter walks on sunny days, big frosty skies to photograph and marvel at, soups to make, cakes to bake and lots of early nights to work on those dark circles.

And here I am, cosied up in bed, chamomile tea and a Molly-made cookie, fairy lights on, big stack of novels next to me, and a notebook for filling with plans of lovely things to do, places to go and people to see. What's not to like about that?


  1. I love your fairy lights! There is something cozy about twinkly lights around a headboard,or somewhere in your bedroom. When I lived alone I had them up all year long. Made the winter seem warmer some how :)

  2. Glad you're happy and doing so well! I like the winter, even now after Christmas, so I don't really ever get down about the weather or early nights. But that said I am really looking forward to Spring, so exciting! I bought some daffodils yesterday, love it when you can get a bunch of flowers for a quid! X