Thursday, January 17

Two Hours of Me Time

Wilf the wonder baby has done something amazing - he's decided that he needs to be properly asleep at night. He started with a highly antisocial bedtime of midnight, then switched to 11pm, then 10.30pm, then 10, then earlier at 9pm, and tonight he conked out on my shoulder while I was making enchilladas one-handed (don't try this at home) - at 8.15pm!

So instead of spending the evening on the sofa breastfeeding, winding and generally jiggling a baby around, I now suddenly have over two hours to myself each evening. So what to do?

I could have a bath. Watch a film, Write my blog. Read a book. Bake a cake. Listen to music. Cook a meal. Chat to the mister. Play my ukulele. Go for an evening stroll with Blod. Paint my toenails. Exercise. Meditate. Plan stuff. Knit. Sew. Play scrabble. Work on the list.

Whatever happens, I'm going to appreciate every one of the 7,200 seconds of time to myself.

(But first I'll get in a few early nights.)


  1. Yay! That's earlier than Edie goes to sleep at the moment and she's nearly 4! Enjoy your 120 minutes of precious me-time. Bliss! X

  2. Huzzah for Wilf! I suggest any of the above barring exercise, which sounds too much like hard work; of course, nice exercise - walking, swimming, dancing - is fine by me!

  3. my guy used to like to party until midnight as well. it sure is nice to get a few hours when they zonk out. enjoy.

    found you through 52 photos. lovely blog.