Saturday, January 26

Wilf is 2 Months

Dear Wilf,
What happened? One minute you were a scrunched up froggy newborn and now you are a big, wide-eyed boy. Whoosh - it whizzes by in a flash.

This month has been all about the smiling. It started on Christmas Eve, when you looked right at me and gave me the biggest grin - the best present ever. Then you seemed to be smiling at all kinds of things - mainly inanimate objects. You are always delighted to see the light fitting in our bedroom, you love the wardrobe and you have a special place in your heart for the back of the sofa.

Nowadays, we all take it turns to smile at you and watch you smile back. And none of us ever get sick of it, because your grin is so bloomin' gorgeous.

You are the most easy going of babies. I'm not into routines, but it seems you are. You spend the day in a cycle of wake-feed-wiggle about-cry-conk out, then it's off to bed for the night at about eight. And you worked that out all by yourself.

You seem like a very big baby. Being the third child, of course I haven't got around to taking you to to get weighed, but you are already in 3-6 month clothes, so I'm guessing you must be a bit of a bouncer. I'm certainly enjoying squidging your chunky thighs.

Your big sisters adore you, even if they are a little overenthusiastic and spend half the day with their faces approximately 2cms away from yours, which after a while makes you a bit grumpy (and who can blame you).

Thanks for coming to live with us, you beautiful boy. Today, to make you happy, I sat on a wet tree stump in a snowy forest with my boob out - that's how much I love you.

Love, Mama


  1. Oh, so lovely! Wilf is indeed gorgeous. My boy was a great big fat baby with rolls of fat, he was luscious. I miss squeezing his chubby thighs. And lucky Wilf growing up with all that sisterly love/pestering.

    Gillian x

    1. Ah, thank you. It will be a sad day when there are no more baby thighs to squeeze!

  2. Wilf sounds like a lovely - and lucky - baby boy.
    What is it with that 2cm-from-the-face thing!?

    1. Ah, yours do the too close thing too - thought it was just us. Visitors look rather disturbed by it!