Friday, February 15

Half Term

 Gwen has just begun to realise that I am a little bit odd. She came home from school the other day announcing with genuine surprise: "Mam, no-one else in the class has a rainbow weekend list! Not one single person." She means the piece of A4 paper I pin up in the kitchen every Friday with a list of all the things we're going to do on the weekend, written in felt tip pen in rainbow colours.

Sad, I know - but if I don't write things down, they don't get done. And when I write a list that combines a few boring jobs with lots of fun stuff and nice food to cook, it makes me feel happy.

This week has been all about the half term list. I was a little apprehensive, as I was completely solo parenting the three children as Dave had a big deadline and had his head in his laptop for the week. When Gwen finished school last Friday, I was really sick with a virus and hadn't eaten for three days. It wasn't looking good.

But today is Friday. We've survived the week without any disasters. In fact, it's been a great mix of outdoor play, creativity and fun with friends. The children have gone to bed tired and a bit dirty most nights, which I think is always a sign of a good day.  Probably could have done with a bit more chilling out at home and less food-related naughtiness, but hey-ho.

We even fitted in a beach trip today, in surprisingly spring-like weather. We ate chocolate cake sitting on the rocks and the children played barefoot in the sand. And tomorrow, we're going away for a little break with Dave's family. The girls will play with their cousins, and I'm looking forward to books, photography, long dog walks and staring at the baby.

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  1. I like you rainbow list very much. I think it's a really nice thing to sit down with your kids and plan what they (and you) would like to do over a holiday. We have just broken up for half term and are spending it at my parent's, so I feel a bit let off the hook with the activity planning!

    Gillian x