Saturday, February 9

January in pictures

As January started, I was in that dangerous phase of new babyhood, when you realise you have absolutely nothing in your life anymore except a baby. A very, very lovely baby. But a baby that deletes most other stuff out of your life for a couple of months.

Just a few weeks before, I had long daily walks, cinema outings, photography, books, early morning swims, cooking, baking, coffee with friends, theatre trips, evenings to listen to music and eat meals at a leisurely pace (using two hands!) while chatting to the mister - where did that woman go?

So, to give myself a little reminder of my normal self every day, I started an Instagram project, where I photographed one thing every day that made me smile.

So January was all about muddy dog walks, ice skating, beach trips, big frosty blue skies, fairy lights, a museum trip, and of course lots of smushed avocado on toast and lots of cake.

(I'm emmatheshep on Instagram if you want to see the rest.)


  1. Beautiful pictures, and what a good idea to notice one detail a day. I will look you up on Instagram. x

  2. I love this collage. I think it's good to celebrate the things that make you smile! Especially when you are in this exhausting baby bubble. There will be time for walks and swimming and leisurely meals again...

    Gillian x

  3. It's a very colourful collage considering the January we've had! Taking photos is a great was to open your eyes to the lovely things that are always all around us, even when we are finding it hard to see them, isn't it?