Sunday, March 31


Oo, I do love a new month. Thirty-ish brand-new days stretching ahead to fill with adventures and lovely things.

As Wilf is almost 20 weeks, I am starting to feel like I've lost myself a bit. It's happened with all three children. Almost five months of 24/7 care of a tiny person, with not a lot of me-time, can leave you questioning whether you have an identity any more (other than 'milk machine').

But with British Summertime starting today, spring coming soon (please!) and a brand-new month, it's time to sort myself out. I'm going to get my five-month roots dyed, get properly exercising again and start leaving the house with clothes that aren't covered in baby sick.

And now I've found my feet with three children and the house is a bit more organised, I've got evenings for blogging and reading and baking and films and music again. Yeah!

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  1. I hope I get to do a few lovely things this April too! Time is going by 100 miles an hour and I think April may be over in a blink of an eye. We're all stuck indoors with different complaints, bah.
    Good luck with your list.