Thursday, March 28

Wilf is Four Months

Dear Wilf,
Four months and the newborn days are way behind us, and you are a big, chunky bundle of grins.

You can roll over! You can grab stuff! You make lots of happy noises! You dribble (a lot)!

You spend most of the day trying to grab things and shove them in your mouth so you can dribble over them - various cwtchy things, the side of the sling, your hat, your cardigan... nothing is safe from your toothless, drooling exploration. 

You are making some new sounds - like a great big 'Mmmmmmmmmm' noise. You can't quite laugh, but look utterly delighted and do a sort of bemused noise instead.

We went to a wedding on Saturday and you were the star attraction (apart from the bride, of course, Sally if you're reading this!). You were wake most of the day and totally happy. Everyone wanted to have a go on you, and I hardly saw you all day. You were passed up and down the table during the meal. Even the catering staff were bobbing you up and down - and you loved every minute of it, grinning at everyone and making lots of friends. Even men were coming up to your Daddy and telling them how amazingly chilled and cute you were.

You are very long and wearing your 6-9 month clothes already. I have no idea how much you weigh as, being a third child, the chances of me getting down the baby clinic to get you weighed are slim to none. Anyway, you are happy and growing, so I'm guessing you're OK. 

You keep getting conjunctivitis, then giving it to the rest of us, then catching it back off us again... and so the cycle continues. Stop that now please.

And also, if you could go back to those days when you woke once during the night and not every three hours, that would be lovely. 

Love, Mama

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