Thursday, March 7

Wilf is Three Months

Dear Wilf,
This month has been all about two things - chewing your fists and dribbling. All day long, you attempt to put your fist in your mouth, miss a few times before getting it in there, then noisily chomp on it while dribbling an awful lot of drool all over yourself/my shoulder.

At three months old, you like snuggling into people's chests, looking at lights and our fox lampshade, and lying on your change mat kicking furiously.

You do crazy poosplosions that end up shooting down your trouser leg and onto your socks. You can wiggle from one end of your cot to the other during the night.

You're not too keen on being in your car seat (quite unfortunate when half of our family lives a six-hour drive away). Apart from that, you are very easy going and quite happy to sit in your bouncy chair/the sling and watch everything that's going on.

You adore Gwen, who has worked out how to make you smile and coo a lot, but still not so sure about Molly, who is quite keen on shouting really loudly very close to your face and generally manhandling you.

You are a top-notch sleeper, but a bit of an early riser, with six AM starts beginning to become a bit of a pattern. Oh dear.

We spend quite a lot of time grinning at each other, and your smile lights up my life. You are just lush.

Love, Mama


  1. What a beautiful baby! Love the photo!!!

  2. Oh, so lovely! I love that stage of babyhood, they are usually sleeping well-ish and happy to be just looking around at everything. He is so gorgeous.

    Gillian x

  3. Ha - Kasper's big brothers occupy exactly the same roles as Wilf's big sisters :-)

  4. He looks like he's having an enormous amount of fun!