Monday, April 29

17/52 Weekly Portraits

Wilf pulling a very funny and very cute face.

I had to bribe Gwen with a small chocolate to sit still for these. 

This is how I found Molly sitting yesterday evening - naked, wrapped in a blanket and sitting under an umberella. She did it again today.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Sunday, April 28

Wilf is Five Months

Dear Wilf,

You are one noisy boy. All day long, you chatter away, most of the time really loudly. In the middle of the night you wake for a feed, then when your belly's full, you lie between me and your dad for at least half an hour just shouting to yourself. You blow a lot of raspberries. You make noises to attract our attention so you can give us one of your big dribbly, gummy grins. 

This month, you have found your laugh. It is utterly delightful. You chuckle and guffaw your way through many a thigh squidge, belly raspberry and underarm tickle every day. You find a bit of loud 'Boo'-ing quite hilarious, as well as being lifted up really high in the air.

You can grab all sorts of things these days, most of which you drop or bonk yourself on the nose with. Your favourite things to grab are the metal bowl from the weighing scales (although you're not so keen on the clattering noise it makes when it falls) and whatever book I'm trying to read to the girls at bedtime (or if you can get hold of the bookmark you'll have a good old chomp on that).

Apart from that, it's baby business as usual. Lots of milk, naps, furious leg kicking, dribbling, cooing and generally being a big bundle of gorgeousness. I'm so glad you're here.

Lots of love,

Wednesday, April 24

16/52 Weekly Portraits

Huzzah - finally got one half-decentish shot of all three kiddos together.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Saturday, April 20

15/52 Weekly Portraits

Wilf likes to put his hood up and have a good old sleep in the sling.

Molly is looking for trolls in the pipe. 

Gwen is having a rest (she was actually sulking about something that escapes me now). 

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Sunday, April 14

14/52 Weekly Portraits

Gwen likes wearing googles in the bath.

Molly likes collecting sticks and climbing trees.

Wilf's just not sure about it all.

Joining in with Che and Fidel

Thursday, April 11

March in Pictures

A bit late, but here's what March had to offer.

There was a lovely wedding (with a table of canape cakes and a marshmallow tree), a trip to Pettigrew Tea Rooms for afternoon tea (thank you, Dave!), the making (and eating) of many cakes, lots and lots of cosy nights in by the fire, cups of tea in the garden when the sun shone, evening dog walks when the clocks changed, big family meals for Mothers Day and Easter.

There was also one of those perfect days that I'll always remember. Nothing too exciting but everything just went right. We parked at Penarth marina, walked (me, Wilf and Dave) and scootered (Gwen and Molly) across to Cardiff Bay, had delicious pizza for lunch then pootled on back. The sun was shining. Everyone was happy. No one fell over or peed on their shoes. Just perfect. We all went to bed shattered, smelling of fresh air and full of ice cream.

The school Easter holidays were blooming freezing, so the big long list of outdoor activities I had planned didn't quite work out. Still, there was making dinosaur masks at the museum, eating sparkling ice cream at Pili Pala cafe, scootering for miles on the community route (Gwen has actually worn out the shoe of her scootering foot), making Easter nest cakes and an egg treasure hunt.

(Looking at the images I've chosen, there is an awful lot of cake and ice cream going on - but I guess that's what you need to keep you going when it looks like winter ain't never going to end. Oh well, expect lots of pictures of salads and smoothies in April. Maybe.)

Images from my Instagram 365 project.

Monday, April 8

13/52 Weekly Portraits

For Molly, 2013 is the year of the scooter. 

For Wilf, 2013 is not the year of the pushchair, as he screams and screams every time I put him in it. 

Nature girl Gwen - covered in dirt, wild hair and looking for sticks to build a fire.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.