Wednesday, May 8


May is all about the frugal, as my maternity pay has gone plummeting to peanuts. But I relish a budgeting-style challenge: I am the queen of picnics and entertaining kids for free, and as Wilf is point blank refusing to take a bottle, the cinema trips and dinners out I thought I'd be considering by now are a no-go.

The garden is a disgrace and needs sorting. I want to be like Alys Fowler, with a fabulously haphazard edible garden, but I'll probably just start with a few peas and courgettes for this year.

And at the end of the month, the Snail turns six with a bouncy castle and BBQ party in the garden (please come out sun, please). Then we are off to Harrogate for a bit in half term, where I'm definitely up for my al fresco Betty's tea and cake at Harlow Carr gardens, and a cheeky visit to the baths.

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