Tuesday, June 25

May in Pictures (and a Catch Up)

Wah - where did the time go? Life has been so busy, what with Gwen's birthday, half term holidays, a little break in Yorkshire, photographing a wedding, Molly's birthday, a trip to Legoland... All that combined with Wilf being the world's worst sleeper means I have zero time for anything other than child-rearing and domestic goddessing. So I'm catching up. Here's all the loveliness that May had to offer.

There was lots of sunshine, lazy days around the village with Molly and Blod, half term
outings with friends, picking wild garlic and making pesto, my fabulush new yellow bike, a lollipop tree and a lego cake for Gwen's 6th birthday (and a lovely bouncy castle and BBQ party in the garden), picnic lunches, photography galore at the Diffusion festival (and I was asked to be a guest judge for Photomarathon - eek!).

Images from my Instagram 365 project.

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  1. Such lovely, colourful images full of happy things. I am seriously in love with your yellow bike. x