Thursday, June 6

Wilf is 6 months (and a bit more)

Dear Wilf,
You're actually nearly seven months, but the nature of having three smalls means that everything in my life is just a teeny bit late at the moment.

You have changed so much lately. You shout really loudly. A lot. Not an unhappy shout. Not at all. Just a trying-out-your-voice-sort of a shout. Today, I went to a meeting for parents of new school starters for September. I took you along. You babbled and shouted throughout the head teacher's entire half-hour talk (then during a pause when it was all quiet, you did a very loud, explosive poo just to make sure everyone really knew you were there).

In the mornings, when you wake up (at 6am - could you try changing that to 7 please?), you shout really loudly and repeatedly until you have my full attention (no dozing allowed, mama). This morning, you were even sort of body slamming yourself into me and trying to eat my face in rhythm with your shouts. Who needs an alarm clock when you can wake up to a baby attack. 

At six months, you are all grabby and bouncy and dribbly and wiggly. You can very almost sit up on your own. You have gummed a bit of cucumber and some crusts. You like looking at books (and either smacking the pictures or trying to eat the pages). The other night, you laughed in your sleep. I wonder what you were dreaming about? You are wearing 9-12 month clothes already and have an impressive set of squidgy thighs.

You love: a big loud boo (especially from Gwen), splashy baths, inspecting the bowl from the weighing scales in the kitchen, me copying your babbling, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (but not really any other songs), Blod, looking at trees.

You are not so keen on: car journeys in the late evening and sleeves. And that's about it. You are an incredibly happy little boy and we all love having you around so very much.

Love, Mama

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