Monday, July 15

Summer: A Manifesto

Just one week to go until the school summer holidays, where we get six whole weeks to fill with a mixture of magical adventures and chilling out. I can not wait.

So, inspired by fellow list-lover Hula Seventy, here's my summer manifesto.

I will pick strawberries (and sneakily eat a few along the way)

I will go on early morning walks with the dog

I will always say yes to a beach trip

I will take photos on colour themes - one colour every week

I will make lemonade

I will make a fairy garden with the girls

I will invent new flavours of ice lolly

I will drink my morning coffee in the garden

I will ride my lovely yellow bike

I will watch Tinkerbell films with Molly

I will read chapter books with Gwen

I will enjoy every minute of Wilf being a baby

I will have date nights in the garden with Dave, good food and Hoegaarden

I will swim in the sea as often as I can

I will spend as little money as I can

I will celebrate my Nan's 90th birthday

I will organise a neighbours day out

I will not cry every time I think about going back to work when the six weeks is over (sob)

1 comment:

  1. I love your list. If you manage to do even half the things on it you're going to have a pretty amazing summer. x