Friday, July 26

The Summer List

Last year, there was a summer list, and this year there is another summer list, and there will always, always be a summer list from now on. 

One week into the school holidays and we've already had oodles of adventures. We scootered from Penarth to Cardiff Bay then got the boat back, made zingy lemonade (the girls weren't that keen but I loved it), been swimming, visited Dare Valley Country Park, done lots of walks around the village and playing in streams and other wholesome-type activities, been to a circus cabaret and splashed about in the paddling pool at the pop-up beach

Four very hot and tired scooter girls waiting for the boat
I'm on a mission to spend as little cash as possible on outings this holidays. This week, I've spent £36.35 - most of which was today when I spent £14 on tickets for the circus show and a fiver on tea for the girls as we were out late, they were starving and we'd eaten all the picnic food I'd packed. I may also have treated myself to an almond latte, but hey, I have a teething baby, I had three hours sleep last night, and I had to look after three kiddos all day after a 5am start. Cripes.

Messing about in streams in the sunshine
More frugal fun next week, but as the weather is going to change, will the lure of over-priced soft play places be too much resist?


  1. You're doing better than me - I still have to write my list! Well done on being so frugal. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't change too much! x

  2. I love reading summer lists. We're away so much this summer there was no point writing one. Well done on the budgeting, that's good going. I am always watching the pennies but find that it's much easier to do free/low cost things when the sun shines...when it rains the pull of the soft play centre is just too strong! x