Thursday, October 10

38 Things

This year's birthday afternoon tea at Betty's Harlow Carr
It's my annual birthday list - about six weeks late, but that's just the way things roll around here at the moment. A combination of new things, things I didn't quite manage last year due to the arrival of the boy child, and things that I've been meaning to do for bloomin' ages.

1. Make bath bombs
2. Climb Pen-y-Fan
3. Do Race for Life with Gwen
4. Go sea kayaking
5. Project (Finish the) Garden
6. Sell all my baby stuff at a Kidsmarket (sob)
7. Have a monthly solo date with Gwen, then Molly
8. Lose my mum tum
9. Make scones and invite someone for tea
10. Have a bonfire party
11. Watch 10 foreign films
12. Make a book of my 365 instagram project
13. Read 10 prize winning novels
14. Knit scarves for the girls
15. Try the yoga class in the village hall
16. Take Gwen to see Wicked
17. See six plays DONE!
18. Discover 10 new albums
19. Take a creative writing course
20. Make myself a kitsch apron
21. Go to London with Dave
22. Shop local/independent more
23. Go camping
24. Go glamping
25. Work through the Keri Smith book with the girls
26. Declutter the entire house
27. Buy a big, floppy summer hat
28. Leave notes inside library books for the next reader
29. Take a day off work just for me
30. Make tote bags full of goodies for February half term holiday (stealing Gillian's idea)
31. Make a herb garden with the children
32. Make elderflower cordial
33. Do weekly craft and cooking sessions with the children
34. Have a minimalist Christmas DONE!
35. Sponsor a girl through Plan DONE!
36. Overpay £100 each month off our mortgage
37. Make ice cream cupcakes
38. Eat at The Clink

And obvs, finish all the things from 37 things, 36 things and 35 things.

Life is lovely. There is lots to look forward to. 

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  1. Hello,

    Ooh another Wilf and yours looks quite the cheeky chappy just like ours. We had a similar experience at the beach recently, turns out its great fun in the muddy sand for about half an hour. Then suddenly less so.
    LOVE your birthday list idea, I am so going to do that. My husband will be thrilled if I add yet another 'to do' element to our lives! Going to borrow a few of yours too, ice cream cupcakes you say...

    Lovely to find your blog
    Nelly x