Wednesday, October 2


It's been a funny old few months. After an amazing summer of sunshine and day trips and holidays and eating way too much ice cream, September was all change. Moll started school, I went back to work, and Wilf was mother-less for three days a week. A new kind of crazy has ensued, with weekday evenings spent tidying up, getting clothes ready, making packed lunches, doing washing - and not a lot of time for blogging (or anything else for that matter).

But we're finding our new groove slowly, and October will be all about taking baby steps towards normality again, starting with dusting off my much-neglected camera and doing a bit of photographing, and writing my annual birthday list (even if it is two months late). And, of course, lots of getting out and about and soaking up autumn in all its orangey gorgeousness. Blod especially likes this time of year as they lift the dog beach ban on October 1st. Yay!

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