Friday, October 4

September in Pictures

September was a big, big month for us all. Miss Molly started school (she settled straight in and loves it). The next day, I went back to work after 10 whole months off and an amazing summer - ouch. But, do you know what, it was fine. And even though I moan so much about being at a desk, for an office-based job, it the absolute best one I could hope for. In a creative environment, stress-free and involves writing and photography. I'm actually very lucky. And until I decide what I want to be when I grow up, it's great.

Wilf was faced with three days without The Mothership, which was problematic, as until the day I went back to work, he was not really eating solids and was refusing a bottle. But four weeks on, he's scoffing porridge, tomato soup and yoghurt like they're going out of fashion, and guzzles his milk down with gusto. Phew.

Finding our new normal has been fun, with non-work mornings involving a long walk with Wilf napping, Blod scampering about and me pausing on benches with cake and a book.

It's still warm enough to be outside lots, and I've been loving a whole hour every lunchtime to just walk and walk in Bute Park, spotting signs of autumn as the green turns to gold.

And my highlight of the month? A grey Saturday morning with that misty, frizzy hair-type rain when the whole world was covered in sparkly spider webs - hundreds and hundreds of them as far as I could see, on hedges and in long grass, on fences and in trees. All covered in tiny droplets of silver. It was just so magical.

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  1. Gosh, you've had a lot on! I'm so glad your return to work went well. It sounds like you're settling into new routines nicely. x