Wednesday, October 2

Wilf is 10 months

Dear Wilf,

You crawl! After a few weeks of dragging your legs behind you then giving up and sitting down again, you have finally got it. Nowadays, I can put you down in the lounge, and you end up by the back door in no time. Your favourite thing is to crawl out of the room and then peep back at us through the door frame.

You are developing a sense of humour. Your favourite game is to crawl across our bed right to the very edge, while I say "Where are you going?". You go right to the edge and stop dead, turn around and give a big cheeky grin until I grab you to save you from tumbling headfirst onto the floorboards. You think this is all very hilarious, so then you do it all again. And again. And then some more.

You have loads of teeth - six at the last count. They have all been accompanied by weeks of fretting and grumping and dribbling.

You are finally getting the whole food thing - after months of flinging everything overboard. You still love squidging things in your fingers then feeding them to Blod, but stuff is actually being digested these days too. Today, you devoured chunks of bread dipped in pumpkin soup. and you think yoghurt is the best thing ever. You also like eating peas one at a time using your newly-perfected pincer grip.

You copy sounds. Yesterday, I was pointing out a dog to you and you started saying "Duh, duh, duh". When Gwen practices her recorder, you make a 'Ba, ba, ba, ba, baaaaa' noise that copies the rhythm. How very clever.

When you're waiting for food or a toy to be passed to you, you do a very funny thing with your hands that looks as if you are revving up a motorbike.

You dance when you hear music. You like it when I blow on you with a straw. You like being flung up in the air. You have a beautiful guffawing laugh when you're being tickled.

You are a rubbish sleeper. We are all very tired. Good job you're so amazingly cute, funny and delightful.

Lots of love,

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