Thursday, October 31

Wilf is 11 months

Dear Wilf,

You are swiftly changing from baby to toddler, with your big mop of hair and your expressive noises.
Although you can’t talk, you are really good at communicating with us. You have a noise for ‘Oo, what was that?” for when the phone rings, you have a noise for ‘Oh, look – a dog just came into the room’ and you have a noise for ‘Good morning – I’ve just woken up’.
You have eight teeth.

You are pulling yourself up to standing on anything you can get your hands on. Usually dangerous things, like the slippery side of the bath and the precariously balanced ‘art tower’ containing all your sisters’ art supplies.
Your mission is in life is to get your hands in the dog’s water bowl. When I put you down on the kitchen floor, you crawl full pelt towards it to try to get there before I pick it up.

You love the washing machine and tumble drier, and spend hours watching the clothes going round and round.

You like a bit of impromptu dancing to any sort of rhythm. This morning, you were groovin’ away to the beeps from my alarm clock.
If I ask for a kiss, you put your head towards me with a big open mouth. It’s adorable.
You get really excited about things and let out the most ear-piercing, high-pitched screech repeatedly – especially when we are all sitting down at the table to eat. It hurts our ears.

You are still rubbish at sleeping. We are still very tired.

Love, Mama

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