Wednesday, January 1

Hello 2014

 Oh, hello 2014. And hello blog. Much neglected since October 2013, which was around about the time I went back to work part-time and this 'Oh, three kids is a doddle' feeling that I had went out of the window, with every spare minute I had suddenly spent washing clothes, preparing lunches or washing up really small tupperware pots.

Everyone in the blogosphere seems to have a word for the year, so I've been thinking about mine, which is SIMPLICITY. Especially after the excesses of Christmas, when I've really found the crowds, the consumerism, the rushing about, the endless socialising and way too much food, all rather overwhelming.

So simplicity for me this year means:

A home with less clutter
Practising mindfulness
Simple food, that's nourishing and easy to prepare
Shopping local, avoiding supermarkets and chains
Less screen time for everyone
Saying no to things sometimes
Being organised, so things run a bit more smoothly

And with less of the 'clutter' of everyday life, there's more room for the fun stuff. Like reading books, writing blogs, taking photos, riding bikes, walking the dog, cooking things, making stuff, growing things, dreaming big... 2014, I can't wait to see what adventures you bring.

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  1. Happy New Year! Glad that you're doing well - nice to read your blog again. Wishing you the best of everything you wish for in 2014! x