Wednesday, January 8

My Shop Local Challenge

So one of my main goals for 2014 is to shun supermarkets, avoid chains and shop local. Or better still, don't shop at all, but make or borrow stuff instead.

Call it my own little Occupy protest against big business, capitalism, consumerism and all other kinds of ne’r-do-wells.

I hate that every town and city is starting to look the same. I hate that high streets and indie shops are dying out. I hate that there is a Tesco Express on every corner.

I want to feel good about where I’m spending my money. I want to interact with people who are passionate about their products. I want to explore new and interesting shops.

So in order to stick two fingers up to The Man, and give mother earth a big old squeeze, I resolve to:

Buy secondhand
Make things
Shop local
Shun supermarkets
Avoid chains

So, as the Sultans of Ping FC once said, “I like your manifesto, let’s put it to the test-o”. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! We started going to a butcher last year rather than buying our meat in the supermarket and find it so much better. Our Saturday visit is like a weekly treat. As we already have a veg box delivered it makes the weekly shop so much easier and it's good to know that I'm avoided a supermarket as much as possible. x