Monday, February 3

January in Pictures

I don't know why people dislike January so much. What can possibly be so bad about a 31-day excuse to hibernate, finish off the festive chocolates, wrap up in furry coats and read books under a blanket?

I did lots of cosying up this January - Shiraz and Scrabble nights in front of the fire were a definite highlight.

There was also a lovely date day with my big girl, watching Moon Man and eating Japanese food (she wolfed down that whole plate of gyoza in the picture).

There's been lots of outdoor action too, despite endless rainy days. Long lunchtime walks in the park are keeping me sane on work days. We had an alfresco Indian breakfast at the Farmers Market. There was a naughty day where I called in sick from school for the girls and we had a lovely day in the winter sunshine at St Fagans. And we have set up a Woodcraft Folk group, which has been such a fantastic way to have some outdoor fun and meet some really lovely like-minded families. 

It was also the month of shopping local, where I banished the evil supermarkets and discovered how fantastic Cardiff market is. But more ranting and raving about this another day.

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