Wednesday, February 5

My Phone

My phone rarely leaves my side. It is either buried among notebooks, tissues and lip balm in my bag, nestled inside my coat pocket, sitting next to me on the kitchen counter as I cook, or snoozing on my bedside table as I go to sleep.

It wakes me up with its tinkly alarm sound. It tells me what's going on in the world. It plays my music, the soundtrack to my daily life. It guides me to places when I’m lost. It reminds me things are happening, like birthdays or friends coming for tea. It brings me the weather forecast so I can plan days out or days in. It gives me creative freedom – I can photograph rainbows when they appear in the sky, or make a quick, precious, shaky-cam video of my baby’s beautiful babbling.
Its friendly ding-ding brings messages from friends, from the small stuff to the really big things. It brings me happy announcements of new life arriving into the world, or sad messages of old souls departing.

In one day, it can help me run 5k, arrange to meet a friend, conjure up lunch from whatever’s left in the fridge, catch up on Woman’s Hour while the littlest one naps, tell me the time when I’m running late for school pick-up,  and guide me through a meditation to help me sleep.
I love that it does so much. I hate the fact that it can suck me in and make me do so little.
I love that it connects me to like-minded people in the virtual world. I hate the fact that it can distance me from real people in the actual world.
When I hold my phone, I’ve got the whole world in my hands.
But when I think hard about it, I rarely actually phone anyone on it. 

This is some random writing inspired by 365 Writing Prompts.

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  1. You said it Em. Agree with every word. Apart from the running bit. X