Sunday, June 1

Gwen is 7

Dear Gwen,
You are seven years old - officially an 'older child'. You are all tall and long limbed with grown-up teeth and your own friends and hobbies. 

You love music - listening to it, dancing to it, singing, writing and recording songs with Daddy (best song: Tell Me The Earth, about the planets). Your Spotify playlist is an eclectic mix that includes One Direction, Prince, Jessie J, Harry Bellafonte, Florence and the Machine, Spice Girls, PJ Harvey, Daft Punk, ABBA... you love it all and spend hours listening to songs and belting out tunes. You are learning to play the recorder at school, and you've just started going to a street dancing class, which you really love.

You are so creative, always writing and drawing, and you make things all the time - puppets on sticks, candle holders out of old toilet roll tubes, little miniature houses out of cardboard boxes, mysterious potions made with herbs and spices from the pantry. The other day, you found a manky old tea towel on the side of the road, brought it home, and - while I was bathing Wilf - you transformed it into a Wilf-sized apron with a picture of a tractor on the front and sparkly red ribbons to tie it together.

You really love food - especially big, hearty, comforting meals like veggie lasagnes, blackberry crumbles, creamy risottos, shepherd's pies... I think your dream day would involve cosying up on the sofa, watching films and eating mashed potato.

You are so sociable and are really great at making friends. Wherever we go, you find new people to play with and chat to - whether they're children your own age or adults. You tend to tell everyone your entire life story within about 10 minutes of meeting them.

I like you being seven because we get to do lots of cool stuff together, like going to see musicals (we've seen Hairspray and Wicked so far), going on the really fast, scary slides at the swimming pool, having little dates where we go for Japanese food (but you're really only there for the vegetable gyoza), and reading books that we both enjoy (Roald Dahl books, Mr Gum, Clarice Bean and The Worst Witch are our favourites). Today, we went to a really cool circus, and you were delighted by the whole thing - as soon as we got home, you disappeared upstairs and came down in a leotard to start practicing your acrobatics in the garden.

You want to try everything, go everywhere, learn new skills, meet more people - I hope you never lose your creativity and curiosity about the world.

Lots of love,

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  1. Lovely updates, just need one for Molly!