Sunday, June 1

Wilf is 18 months

Dear Wilf,
You are changing so fast. The baby days are a hazy memory and you're a fully-fledged crazy toddleroo.

In fact, like your littlest big sister, you have turned completely bonkers since hitting the big one-and-a-half - running away, climbing on top of everything you see, trying to slide/throw yourself down the stairs, shouting a lot, giving us a big affectionate smack/bite/hair pull...

You can say lots of things: Shoe-shoe, joo-joo (juice), woof, quack, Geh (Gwen), Nonny (Molly), Nanna, Mamma, Daddy, Hiyaaaaa, car, oh god, oh dear, oh no, bum, poo, cheese, more, no, wet, dirty, nose, 'eady deddy go, keys, door, cwtch, nee nar - and your very favourite Traaaaaack-tar (tractor).

You started walking in March, and now you are off and away, usually a long way from us and/or in the opposite direction to the one we want you to go in. When confronted with an open space, you shout 'eady, deddy GO!' and run off laughing.

Your favourite books are ones with animals or vehicles in them. If you don't like a book, you close it really hard on our fingers and say 'Noooo'.

You don't seem to like water very much. Trips to the beach and the swimming pool lately have been accompanied by lots of clinging on to me and shaking of your head.

 You love playing with balls: tennis balls, footballs, bouncy balls.... any will do, as long as it's round and rolly, you are a happy boy.When I take you and Blod out, I take a tennis ball for both of you to chase after - it's a cunning way to get you to walk in the right direction.

You're a huge fan of wheeled vehicles, especially tractors and buses (but bikes, cars and lorries also meet with some excited shouting and pointing). 

You love music. I have resorted to playing Justin Fletcher singalong albums on Spotify to stop you falling asleep in the car. Your absolute favourite is The Hokey Cokey (and you can do a very moving rendition of it).

You're really good at throwing stuff. The other day, you got a bit of your peanut butter toast right into Daddy's cup of coffee. 

You are most definitely a mamma's boy. You cry and cry when I leave the room, no-one else is allowed to hug me when you are nearby, and when I get home from work, you shout 'Ma-maaaa' repeatedly very loudly and spend five minutes hugging me very tightly and playing with my hair.

You give lovely kisses, accompanied by a really long 'Mmmmmmmmmmwah'.

Every day with you is so full of laughter and fun (and hair pulling), my funny, affectionate little boy.

We are all so happy that you're in our lives.


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